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Havanese Rescue


Jan made this Havanese pillow for the Havanese Rescue Organization

Havanese Rescue Donation, 18” square Pillow


Carolyn's Quilt "Running Wild Farm"


Carolyn's Quilt

Running Wild Farm: This is a 5-year project Jan created for Carolyn,
at Carolyn’s pace, and has 39 custom animal portraits.
These are all (well, almost all) the animals she has ever had
or has now.

This is the 7th project Jan has created for Carolyn, and
hopefully not the last. It was picked up by Carolyn on
8.31.13. It was made to fit the space above Carolyn’s couch.
Now to figure out how to keep the cats from climbing it…..
The wonderful thing is that these are all rescue animals.
One of Carolyn’s three daughters is a local veterinarian,
so Carolyn hears of WAY too many needy animals.

Dimensions: 68” high X 82” wide



Karin of Ohio and Florida commissioned this custom portrait pillow of Sydney, her daughter’s Corgi.

Dimensions:  18” square


Client comment: "Sara absolutely loved the pillow! I was so proud of myself that I kept it til her birthday! Thank you again!"



Kimberly holding her Sadie pillow and her

Kimberly holding her Sadie pillow and her
friend Susan, holding her Trooper pillow.

Big Fish

Kimberly in NC commissioned this portrait pillow for her friend Susan. Trooper is 12 years old

Dimensions: 18" square


Big Fish

Jan created this wall hanging of Brixie for Ellen to give to her daughter.

Dimensions: 16" square



Here is the recipient of the gift of the Orlaith pillow (Glen of Imaal):

Donald LOVES his birthday gift, a custom portrait pillow of Orlaith!!


Christmas gift for Ruby's mom and dad from THEIR mom and dad"

Riley the 2nd Glen of Imaal Terrier, and here is her photo and photo of hr pillow.   Riley is the daughter of Orlaith, the first Glen of Imaal Terrier pillow Jan did a short while ago.  It's a beautiful Irish breed.
Riley's pillowcase
Riley is the daughter of Orlaith, the first Glen of Imaal Terrier pillow Jan did a short while ago.  It's a beautiful Irish breed.
Photo of Orlaith, a Glen of Imaal Terrier used for quilted pillow case
Orlaith, a Glen of Imaal Terrier
Closeup of Orlaith quilted pillowcase
Shay in Ohio commissioned this custom portrait pillow of her champion Glen of Imaal Terrier, Orlaith.
Dimensions - Pillow case for 26" square Irish pillow form


Stacey was the high bidder at a Save A Dog auction,
for which Jan donated a custom portrait quilt.

Jessie died last August so this is a special quilt, and will hang
over Stacey's and her husband's master bedroom bed.
Dimensions: 3' high x 4' wide




"IT"S AMAZING!!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the project, and we will be proud to own a piece of your art. I'm betting money that you'll be quilting lots more Glens in the future!
I might have to videorecord Donald opening this present -- I'll bet he cries. Warm regards, Shay."

Picture of Emma used for quilt
Picture of Emma
Emma quilt portrait
Judy R commissioned this portrait of Emma for her sister.
Dimensions - 16" wide x 15½ high
picture of Lola
Picture of Lola
Lola quilted pillow
Jan created this custom quilted pillow for her son's future in-laws, Cecelia and John, of their Red Tick Coonhound, Lola.
Dimensions - 19" square.
French Bulldog quilt
French Bulldog quilt for sale.
Dimensions - 15" wide x 16½ high
Frenchie used for quilt
Picture of Frenchie used for the quilt.
Bull Dog portrait
Bull Dog quilted portrait for sale
Boxer portrait
Boxer quilted portrait
Fundraiser Donation
Border Collie portrait
Border Collie quilted portrait for sale.
Maltese portrait
Maltese quilted portrait for sale
Springer Spaniel portrait
Springer Spaniel quilted portrait for sale
Rott face closeup portrait
Rott up close and personal quilted portrait for sale
Boston Terrier quilt
Boston Terrier quilt for sale.
Dimensions - 17"wide x 19¼ high
Cavalier King Charles spaniel quilt
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel quilted portrait for sale.
Photo of Bill and his dog, Paws
Photo of Bill with his Lab puppy, Paws.
Paws the Lab and Bill quilt block
Lynne in Michigan commissioned this double portrait quilt block of her husband, Bill, and their dog, Paws. Bill passed away in February and Lynne and Paws are missing him badly. Lynne and Bill were married for 40 years. Lynne is a quilter and plans to use this block as the center of a quilt she will make in the future.
Dimensions - 15" high x 18" wide approx.
Photo of Georgia used for quilt
Photo of Georgia
Georgia pillow case
Quilted pillowcase

"Georgia is a special dog. She has overcome abandonment and severe heartworm infestation, and behavioral issues that were probably more a result of survival mechanisms than anything else. She has done everything I have asked her to do and has always forgiven my mistakes in training her. I call her my "soul puppy".
When I opened my gift, there was no question in my mind that I was looking into the eyes of my soul puppy. I absolutely love the pillow and I am just amazed at the resemblance. It is a beautiful work of art...worthy of framing, so I am looking into that now.
I've shown the pillow to family and friends, and as a result, several have already gone to your website. Most thought it was embroidered, because it seems so impossible to create that with different fabric. Here are a couple of reactions:

"What a great birthday present; it looks terrific!"

"This is unbelievable! I can't believe how she nailed the likeness - all with fabric. That is such a great gift."

And my favorite: "Holy mother of God!"

I feel like she is somehow now immortalized, and I think that's why I cried when I first saw it. Thank you, again and again."

Photo of Cassie
Photo of Cassie used for wall hanging
Cassie wall hanging
Jan made this wall hanging as a birthday gift for a friend. She appliqued flowers around the borders.
Dimensions - 18½" square
Basset hound wall hanging
Basset hound wall hanging
Dimensions - 17½" high x 18½" wide

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